Eadie & Ramsden

James Eadie & Cissie Ramsden

Cissie Ramsden (born Emily Lillian Ramsden)
James Eadie (born James Frederick George Beddoe)

Eadie & Ramsden performed as a comedy duet with eccentric dance from around 1906 to the late 1920s.

James Frederick George BEDDOE was born 27th January 1884 to James and Lucy Beddoe (aka The Allisons). Going by his stage name James EADIE he married his cousin and professional partner Cissie Ramsden (Emily Lillian RAMSDEN) on 27 February 1912 before they dashed off to Paris and the Folies Bergère. Cissie was born 7th December 1884 to Emily Beddoe and John RAMSDEN, a jeweller of Reigate.

Styling themselves as Eadie & Ramsden, the couple performed as music hall artistes and a comic song & dance duo. They toured the UK, then to Paris, Germany and on to America where they spent 6 years until 1920. Returning back to the UK briefly. They returned to USA in 1922 and eventually settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan where they ran a dry cleaning business in later life. James’ mother, Lucy Beddoe lived with them until she died in 1948. Cissie’s mother, Emily Ramsden, travelled between UK and USA to visit. On one occasion the two mothers got stranded in detention on arrival at Ellis Island for several days and it was reported in the British parliament and newspapers.

Eadie & Ramsden died within months of each other in 1970 and are buried together at Fulton Street cemetery, Grand Rapids. They had no children. Lucy Beddoe (Lucy Allison) is also buried at the same place.

Eadie & Ramsden contortions and music in Charlie’s Visit
Postcard (personal collection)


In America, Cissie Ramsden also appears on sheet music from the 1920s with “Blue” and the Al Jolson song “That Wonderful Kid from Madrid”. With words by Grant Clark and Edgar Leslie and music by Lou Handman, the sheet music for Blue was published by Stark & Cowan, New York and copyright in Canada in 1922.

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